Published data show the difference in the reaction of the cardiovascular system of men and women to the influence of stress.

The results of a new study were published in American College of Cardiology journal, very reputable in the field of cardiology. More than 300 people with cardiovascular diseases caused by stress took part in this research.

It turned out that high blood pressure and palpitations cause a greater physical tension in men; in women – ischemia, reduced blood flow to the heart and increase the risk of thrombosis. Women also began to experience more negative and less positive emotions during the tests.

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To obtain these data 56 women and 254 men, who were undergoing the treatment of cardiovascular disorders, three typical medical tests that require emotional tension were carried out and then they worked out on the treadmill. During all phases of the experiment the patients underwent echocardiographic examination, blood samples were taken, blood pressure and pulse were measured.

“The link between emotional stress and cardiovascular diseases is well known, — said one of the authors of this experiment Zainab Samad. – Our study revealed how differently stress affects men and women. This difference between the sexes in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cardiovascular system disorders should be considered”.