To reverse the development of atherosclerosis (cholesterol deposits in the arteries, threatening cardiovascular diseases) is possible when using proper nutrition.

Eating certain foods is essential for the prevention of the relapse in patients who have had to go through such procedures as bypass surgery on the arteries or fixing vessels to restore blood flow.

Food for the Heart: Fruits and Vegetables

The first place among heart-healthy foods, which can help to normalize blood pressure, weight loss and prevention of diabetes goes to vegetables and fruits.

healthyheart heart Food For the Heart healthyheart 300x246Fiber contained in vegetables helps to remove low-density lipoproteins (“bad” cholesterol) from the body.

Fatty meats and dairy products which are rich in protein raise cholesterol in the blood. To reduce the threat to a minimum, there should be a balance between animal and vegetable proteins.

Food for the Heart: the Right Fish

Fatty fish with lots of omega-3 fatty acid enrich the body with protein and help to reduce cholesterol.

heart Food For the Heart the Right Fish 300x200
Fish is considered to be a “heart healthy”

It is always good to eat slow carbohydrates (made of durum wheat, cereals, grain bread). Simple carbohydrates that are quickly digested and give a brief feeling of satiety should be avoided.

The heart needs less salt and more water. Excess of salt can cause the increasing blood pressure, the lack of it can cause fatigue and false hunger.

Meals should be regular and fractional (5-6 times a day). Rare meals or a habit to skip one of the meals lead to overeating, which is extremely harmful for the heart.