Psychologists: Rap Music Helps to Overcome Depression


This week one interesting theory of the psychologists from Cambridge University was published in the scientific journal the Lancet, according to which writing rap songs can help those who have psychological problems. The discovery drew the attention of many world media, including British newspaper The Guardian.

Usually rap music is criticized because it preaches the ideas of the rich life: expensive clothes, fancy cars and a huge home theater. However, such kinds of dreams and fantasies could have a positive impact on the psyche, the scientists say.

As mentioned by the consultant psychiatrist Akeem Sule and clinical neuroscientist Becky Inkster, originally hip-hop music emerged in areas of a low socio-economic level, and the lyrics reflect the problems, which people who grew up in these areas faced on a daily basis.

Rap Music rap music Psychologists: Rap Music Helps to Overcome Depression Rap Music

Hip-hop songs tell the stories of getting rich quick and usually accompanied by positive visual images and fantasies about the places where the person would like to be, or about the car that he would like to own. This is analogous to common psychotherapeutic techniques, according to which the patient must imagine the life that he wants to live, which eases the way to the main goal and helps to find hope.

According to the researchers, the therapeutic role of rap, as well as other forms of artistic expression, have lots of documentary evidence, and is particularly evident among those who are depressed. The scientists hope that their study will prove once again how useful expression through song writing is, and will allow you to add rap to the list of therapeutic agents.