Held in Guinea, clinical tests of the vaccine offer hope for victory over the virus. Experts give preliminary estimates of the effectiveness that ranges from 70 to 100%.

In the period from April to July 2015 hundreds of new cases of Ebola infection were revealed in this country. Immediately after confirmation of the diagnosis all the family members, neighbors and friends of the infected were vaccinated with an experimental serum. In total 2014 people received this vaccine. It was reported that only 16 of them were ill with Ebola virus.

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The vaccine prevents the development of the disease and its further spread. Thus its use can stop the epidemic. Although the Ebola outbreak in Africa is considered to be ceased, there is no guarantee that the virus will not return in the nearest future.

The vaccine was developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and enhanced by the specialists of the pharmaceutical company “Merck”. It includes a fragment of the Ebola virus and another safe virus. When this vaccine is received by a human, the human’s immune system copes with the virus and learns to fight with it in case of a real infection.