Found a Medicine that Dissolves Cataracts

American molecular biologists have developed a medication that can dissolve cataracts right in the eye and restore vision.

Lanosterol, an organic substance, demonstrated such properties; it is a precursor to all natural steroids. Scientists tested the lanosterol-based solution in three experiments.

Dissolves Cataracts cataracts Found a Medicine that Dissolves Cataracts Dissolves Cataracts 300x200First of all, this solution was tested on rabbits: as a result, in 11 of the 13 animals with cataracts the vision was improved significantly, and in some rabbits the haze disappeared completely. In another experiment, the solution was used to treat cataracts in older dogs of several breeds. The result also encouraged the scientists, the changes were noticeable even to the naked eye. The third experiment was conducted on live human cells of the eye and on a laboratory model of cataracts. In this case the results have impressed the scientists as well.

The mechanism behind lanosterol is not yet fully understood, the research must be continued. Clinical experiments should be performed on people, real patients suffering from cataracts. If the effectiveness of this solution is confirmed, millions of people worldwide suffering from cataracts will have a chance to find vision without surgery.