How to Tell That You Are Depressed with the Help of Your Smartphone

There is no doubt about the fact that smartphones have become an essential part of the life of the modern man. What is even more remarkable, gadgets can tell the whole truth about the owners, including the information about the emotional state.

Recently scientists from the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, USA have conducted a research showing direct correlation between the smartphone usage patterns and the medical condition known as depression.

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First of all, the scientists found out that he more time you spend with your phone, the more likely that you are depressed. According to the research, people with depression symptoms spend ca. 68 minutes on the phone a day, whereas people without depression tend to spend less time with their gadgets (ca. 17 minutes a day!).

Second of all, the scientists analyzed the data taken from the GPS-navigators and came to the conclusion that people who deal with depression usually either stay at home most of the time or go to the same places taking the same routes. On the contrary, people who don’t suffer from depression apt to visit different locations frequently.

Having taken into consideration only these two factors, the scientists could diagnose depression in 87% of the people who agreed to take part in the research, as reported by Journal of Medical Internet Research.