We brush our teeth to prevent tooth decay, but sometimes our actions, on the contrary, lead to the damage of the teeth. Look at the most common mistakes when brushing your teeth.

You Brush Your Teeth Not Long Enough

Experts claim that most people do not follow the recommendations regarding the timing of the whole procedure. Everyone knows you should brush your teeth two or three minutes, but try to detect how much time you spend on brushing.

tooth illustration teeth Why You Brush Your Teeth Incorrectly tooth 300x260The fact is that in any routine exercise time passes slowly, and subjectively we may think that it’s been three minutes, when in reality it’s only been one.

Use the timer for at least several months to get used to the recommended length of brushing. Dentists explain that one minute is not enough to clean the teeth from plaque.

You Do Not See What You Are Doing

Look carefully in the mirror when brushing your teeth. This is the only way you can see where the toothbrush is, what areas you miss.

Most often, if we don’t look in the mirror, we leave behind the gums areas, but these places usually accumulate bacteria leading to tooth decay and gum damagYou Brush Your Teeth teeth Why You Brush Your Teeth Incorrectly You Brush Your Teeth 300x169e.

Also when not looking in the mirror it is easy to overlook the back side of the front teeth.

In addition to that, the habit of watching your actions carefully will help to notice any problems in the initial stage — cracks, chips, malocclusion and so on.

Your Technique Needs Correction

In some clinics, pediatric dentists specially devote time to teaching young patients a proper tooth brushing technique. But not all adults know how to do it right. For example, brushing your teeth from side to side may lead to the destruction of the enamel.

The toothbrush should be held at an angle of 45 degrees to the tooth surface and you should make small circular movements. Spend a few seconds on one tooth, then move on to the next one.

After you clean all the teeth, slide across the surface from side to side, then from top to bottom on the front and rear surfaces of the teeth. Next, swipe the brush on the chewing surfaces, then the line between the teeth and gums.

You are Brushing Too Hard

Too aggressive brushing leads to micro damage of the enamel, which in turn leads to various diseases.

Why You Brush Your Teeth Incorrectly teeth Why You Brush Your Teeth Incorrectly Why You Brush Your Teeth Incorrectly

In addition, it can damage the gums and bring the bacteria to small injuries on the surface.

A hard toothbrush leads to the same problem.

You Do Not Pay Attention to Proper Rinsing

It is not enough just to brush the teeth well. It is important that the bacteria are washed away from the mouth cavity completely. This means that you need to rinse your mouth thoroughly after brushing.

Experts recommend using a special fluid (it is important that they are alcohol free and have antibacterial properties). But if a special solution is not at hand, then rinsing with water is also better than nothing.