How dangerous energy drinks are, and why you need condoms with coffee flavor.

Sleep deprivation has reached epidemic proportions in the modern society. In an attempt to defeat it humanity drinks kilotons of coffee and energy drinks. We need a glass of tonic in the morning, as a car need gasoline. However, we do not think about the consequences of such habits.

Simultaneously with the appearance of a vast market for sleeping pills, that turn us into zombies in the morning, there was a need for power that can oppose them. So no less enormous market of performance-enhancing substances appeared, where drinks with high caffeine content dominate. The circle is closed.

Evil Drink energy drinks Energy Drinks – Evil Drinks Evil DrinkSince we do not sleep long enough to feel natural cheerfulness in the morning, we always drink energy drinks. As soon as the effect of Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy weakens in a couple of hours then follows another can. We force ourselves desperately to feel energetic, robbing ourselves of sleep. The whole day we are sluggish and sleepy, and at night, in bed, too hyped up and excited to sleep.

Of course, tea and coffee are known to mankind for many centuries. We appreciate these drinks mainly for the toning effect, but in many cultures, the ritual of their drinking are aimed at enjoying the moment, taking a break from our everyday life (hence the modern notion “coffee break” appeared). A good example is the famous Japanese tea ceremony, which consists of different actions, symbolizing a stop, a pause, time for chatting and reading. Such rituals of tea drinking and coffee drinking allow people, like Oprah [Winfrey] put it, “cleanse the soul” and to come back to work renewed, truly updated and not just agitated by the caffeine. However, the modern culture of coffee drinking is not like that: now we drink it on the run, filling up the body, like a car with gasoline, to further accelerate and accelerate, rather than to recover and reboot.

In our time, the culture of lack of sleep literally rests on the caffeine. However, drinking coffee in the afternoon in an attempt to cope with the afternoon sleepiness, as a consequence we can’t sleep at night. And as a result we wake up in the morning completely broken and pour another dose of caffeine to get you going, and so we fall into an endless cycle of lack of sleep.

Energy Drinks – Evil Drinks energy drinks Energy Drinks – Evil Drinks Energy Drinks     Evil Drinks

In the book “A History of the World in 6 Glasses” Tom explained that in the eighteenth century “factory workers had to function as parts of a well-oiled mechanism, and tea was served to maintain high performance ability.” In addition, in the book “Uncommon Grounds” Mark Pendergrast traces back the growth of coffee consumption back to the Industrial Revolution. Roughly speaking, we use the same methods, which 200 years ago were used by factory owners to maximize the efficiency of workers. If we think that treating other people like that is inhumane or cruel, then why do we consider it normal or even worthy of respect, when you do the same thing to yourself? I love coffee and drink it every morning (I try to avoid coffee after 14:00 though — it is advised to stop drinking coffee in the afternoon).

In the 1940s in the US there has been a sharp decline in the coffee use. At this time, the Americans switched to soft drinks with a high content of caffeine and sugar. Annual sales of carbonated drinks in the U.S. are $77 billion, which is six times higher than the annual sales of coffee ($13 billion a year). What is more, 8 out of 10 most popular drinks in the U.S. contain caffeine. As Murray Carpenter explains it in his book “Caffeinated”, at the end of the twentieth century, the Bureau of Chemistry of the Ministry of Agriculture in the United States recognized the caffeine in Coca-Cola as dangerous and addictive. “Why do we subject our countrymen to the effects of this terrible drug? – asked the President of the Bureau Harvey Washington Wiley. — Fatigue is a natural alarm, warning us about possible dangers. Does it make sense to remove the traffic lights from the sidings on the railroad? Of course not, because they are the warning signs. What is fatigue? It is a way by which nature says that today you have done enough.”

Monster-Energy-Drinks-Bad-Health-Side-Effects-Are-Deadly-To-Kids-Claims-Lawsuit-Do-Doctors-Agre energy drinks Energy Drinks – Evil Drinks Monster Energy Drinks Bad Health Side Effects Are Deadly To Kids Claims Lawsuit Do Doctors Agre

Nowadays, caffeine has moved from drinks to perfume, soap and toothbrushes (for those who are too lazy to make coffee in the morning), tights, beer, sweets, oatmeal, seeds, mouthwash, popcorn, syrups, hygienic lipstick, and even water! There were rumors that one Swedish company that manufactures condoms, planned to start production of condoms with coffee flavor (think of a witty comment yourself).

Recently such energy drinks appeared in the market, where caffeine is combined with other substances, for example, with taurine amino acid. These include world-famous Red Bull. According to the forecasts of the international marketing agency Mintel Group, from 2014 to 2019 the sale of energy drinks in the U.S. will grow by 40%. In 2014 more than 5.6 billion cans of Red Bull were sold around the world, while sales of Monster Beverage energy drink, the main competitor of Red Bull increased by more than 9% and reached $2.8 billion, also due to emerging markets such as India, South Africa and Turkey.

enerGO energy drinks Energy Drinks – Evil Drinks enerGO 213x300Our addiction to energy drinks is not good for us. Excessive consumption has many side effects, including nausea, vomiting, tremor, nervousness, delirium, seizures, hangovers, irregular heartbeat, mood changes, diarrhea, increase in the blood pressure and kidney problems. From 2007 to 2011, the number of calls connected with energy drinks consumption to the emergency room has doubled, from 10 to 20 068 783, respectively. And every tenth case was so severe that the patient needed hospitalization.

An excerpt from the book “The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time”