Using a toothbrush, thread, liquid for rinsing, we maintain the oral hygiene and monitor the health of our teeth. But few people know about the existence of foods that can help prevent diseases (periodontitis, caries, bad smell, etc.).

To have healthy white teeth many experts recommend not only keeping them clean but also eating right. According to the dentists, there are a number of products that can help you prevent diseases of the mouth and strengthen teeth.

Consider the top 10 foods for your shining smile and healthy teeth.


milk For Healthy Teeth foods 10 Foods For Healthy Teeth milk For Healthy TeethMilk is a source of calcium; it contains phosphates and vitamin D, making teeth and bones stronger. If you drink milk regularly, you can restore the tooth enamel. If cow’s milk does not suit you (you are a vegetarian or have allergies), you can substitute regular milk with soy milk. Almond milk could also be a good alternative, which is, like soy one, rich in calcium.


Cheese contains phosphate, calcium and casein, which helps strengthen the tooth enamel. Cheese is recommended to eat to prevent tooth decay, because the production of saliva increases, neutralizing acid, which causes the development of dental caries.


teeth-apples foods 10 Foods For Healthy Teeth teeth apples 300x150Apples are rich in minerals and vitamins, including vitamin C. For healthy and white teeth it is necessary to include apples in your diet. Eating apples increases saliva production, prevents the formation of cracks on the teeth enamel and also cleans the tooth surface automatically.


Oranges contain vitamins (C and D), calcium and micronutrients. This fruit is able to clean the mouth in a natural way because of its juice, eliminating bacteria and odor.


It is good for your teeth and very rich in protein and calcium. Through the systematic consumption of yogurt, you will be able not only to maintain you’re the good condition of your teeth, but also normalize the gastrointestinal tract. When choosing yogurt pay attention to its composition, it should not contain sugar and various additives.

Nuts and Various Seeds

Nuts and seeds affect the condition of the teeth favorably, because they contain many essential vitamins and minerals. Peanuts are a storehouse of vitamin D and calcium, and cashews contribute to the active secretion of saliva. Walnuts contain iron, magnesium, fiber, niacin, thiamin, vitamins E and B6, which contribute to the health of your teeth and mouth in general.

Worst-Foods-for-Healthy-Teeth-dried-fruits foods 10 Foods For Healthy Teeth Worst Foods for Healthy Teeth dried fruits


Tea is good for your teeth, primarily because of the composition of polyphenols, which destroy bacteria and prevent from caries development. Both green and black tea contain elements that prevent the formation of cracks on the tooth enamel. However, tea is good for teeth only without sugar. Sugar can be replaced with honey.

Dark Chocolate

It is not only dark chocolate For Healthy Teeth foods 10 Foods For Healthy Teeth dark chocolate For Healthy Teeth 300x177a favorite treat, but also a source of tannin. This substance prevents the formation of tooth erosion and various inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, including the gums. Cocoa fights cavities and reduces acidity. Dark chocolate normalizes blood circulation and contains large amounts of antioxidants. When choosing chocolate, pay attention to the percentage of cocoa, preferably it should contain at least 80% of it. Also there should not be a lot of sugar in chocolate.


It is the main component of saliva, which the general condition of the oral cavity depends on. When rinsing with water, it removes the food particles, thereby preventing the formation of cavities and strengthening tooth enamel.

Chewing Gum (Without Sugar)

It helps to keep the mouth clean. It is able to improve the condition of the teeth, by stimulating the formation of saliva. Also it removes food particles, that could have a devastating effect on the tooth enamel. After a meal it is recommended to use sugar-free gum to keep your teeth healthy and freshen your breath.