To Drink is to Undermine the Immune System


Scientists have proved that young people, who drink much, undermine the work of the immune system.

During the experiment, participants drank 4 or 5 shots of vodka depending on their weight. The analysis of the components of the immune system in the blood showed a sharp rise in activity 20 minutes after the intoxication with alcohol, and after 2 and 5 hours there was a significant decline. The immune system was evaluated in comparison with a baseline condition – in a moment of sobriety.

scotland_alcohol drink To Drink is to Undermine the Immune System scotland alcohol 300x168Thus, in addition to increased risk of burns, injuries and car accidents, severe intoxication affects the ability to recover from damage. According to the authors of the research published in journal “Alcohol”, people know about changes in behavior when they drink, but much less they know about the effects of alcohol on the different organ systems.

According to statistics, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a strong intoxication happens after four drinks for women and five for men, consumed in 2 hours. In the U.S., for example, one in six adults drink this much four times a month. Most often, people tend to get drunk at the age of 18-34 years.

Source: Loyola University.