Love hormone makes you sober



The “love hormone” oxytocin eliminates the toxic effect of alcohol on the body, and helps to balance the body movements.

Injecting oxytocin, the hormone which is synthesized in the human’s brain when people are being in love with each other, reduces symptoms of alcohol intoxication, as the experiment showed. Laboratory animals could control their body movements much better after being injected with oxytocin.

Movement disorder after alcohol intoxication is usually connected with the destructive influence of alcohol on the motor cortex. And as it turned out, oxytocin does not allow getting alcohol into those areas of the brain, thereby eliminating its toxic effect on nerve cells.

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The authors who published this research article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences expect that oxytocin would also eliminate the thinking and speech disorder in people after being alcohol intoxication. The human testing has not begun yet, but the researchers hope to launch it in the nearest future.

However, the oxytocin injections will not help you to avoid the punishment for drunk driving, reported Michael Bowen, the study leader. “Although oxytocin reduces the degree of the toxic effect of alcohol, it does not reduce its level in your blood, – he explains. – This is because oxytocin does not let alcohol get into the certain areas of the brain to cause intoxication, but this hormone does not accelerate the detoxification of the body.”

Source: University of Sydney.