Erogenous zones in men: What you need to know to be a perfect lover


A fairly common misconception among women is that all the erogenous zones in men are concentrated around the groin. Let’s explore the male body and reveal all the erogenous zones.

Erogenous zones are areas of the skin or mucosa, the stimulation of which may generate sexual arousal and strengthen erections, if we are talking about men.

The main rule of the perfect mistress is to give her man what he needs. However, men are often reluctant to share with their partners the secret knowledge about the intricacies of their sexual nature, so women have to use empirical methods and always check how their partners react to the stimulation of certain parts of the body. If you are patient, sensitive and attentive, throughout the time you will be able literally to read the thoughts of your partner and do everything exactly what he wants.

Let’s get to practice.

The lips and the tongue

A love act starts often with kisses. On the lips and tongue there is a huge number of nerve endings, sensitive to the slightest impact.

Lips are much more sensitive to the tips of the fingers and even to the facial skin, which is considered quite delicate. The reason is in a thin cell layer. The face has 16 layers, and the lips 3-5 only.

kissing erogenous zones Erogenous zones in men: What you need to know to be a perfect lover kissing

People throughout the history invented thousands of kisses types: from weightless quick hints of touching up to passionate kisses.

Some kisses even have names, such as “mill” — the insertion of the tongue of one partner into the mouth of another, and rotation of the tongue in the mouth of a partner; “perfect kiss” — the insertion of the tongue in the mouth of the partner and the slide over his soft palate; “Royal kiss” — when the tongue slips over the teeth and then is put behind the cheek of the partner; “stinging kiss” — sucking of the lips of your partner with sharp and short insertion of the tongue into the mouth of the partner.

However, it is important to go easy on this erogenous zone, not everyone likes hickey marks on his neck, although there are men who proudly show them as a proof of their perfection as a lover.

The Neck and the Nape

The back of the head and the back of the neck are the strongest erogenous zones of many men. Maybe the positive response to the affection in this area can be traced back to the childhood, when moms stroked their children on their heads.

What is more, the head is a very important part of the body. If a man allows his partner to cover his eyes, in some way it means that the man allows taking the control over the situation.

kiss in neck erogenous zones Erogenous zones in men: What you need to know to be a perfect lover kiss in neck 1024x576

So the stimulation of the head may lead to sexual arousal in most of the men. You should pay attention to the neck and the head of your partner — caress, kiss, you can also lightly scratch it with the nails.

The Hands

Hands massage seems usually too simple and not worthy of your attention, if we are talking about male erogenous zones. However, there is one secret place on the palm of the hand: it is between the tubercles under the middle and the ring fingers. It is a projection of the inguinal area on the palm. Innocent stroking and kneading of this zone can provoke a quite noticeable erection in men.

The second erogenous zone on the hand — is the area of skin between the bases of the index and the middle finger on the back side. If you try to show a walking person with your hand, then the index and middle finger will become the feet, and the space between them, respectively, the groin area. So the hand’s massage could become quite a sensual game.

erogenous zone on the hand erogenous zones Erogenous zones in men: What you need to know to be a perfect lover erogenous zone on the hand

As for the hands themselves, try petting the elbow and the underarm area. But be really careful, unless you want to tickle your man to death.

The Chest

Playing with the curls on his chest could become a warm-up before the more daring caresses. As for the nipples, it is all very individual. For some of the men touching brings great pleasure.

But you need to remember that unlike women’s nipples men’s nipples are not such a powerful erogenous zone, and sometimes even a light touch causes discomfort.

You could experiment with this zone a little bit anyway. For example, try the elements of body-body massage — stroking his bare chest with your breasts.

The Legs and The Feet

Many men admit that they get very excited during feet massage. No wonder that in Eastern countries there is a tradition to bathe the feet of your husband.

Also, do not ignore the area on the back side of the knee, it is extremely receptive to gentle strokes. Nonetheless, every man has his own threshold of sensitivity, so again you should be very careful because for another man the similar procedure can be quite itchy.

The Back

Quite often this area is left without proper attention, meanwhile, there are several erogenous zones on the back, such as a rump and the interscapular area. It is better to massage starting from the top of the back.

man's back erogenous zones Erogenous zones in men: What you need to know to be a perfect lover mans back 1024x576

Your partner will be pleasantly surprised if you touch his back with your breasts, or gently stroke his back with your hair or with a feather. Be creative, be unpredictable and your partner will never be bored!

The Most Important Thing

We have left out the penis, perineum and anus. Usually women are aware of what to do with these men’s erogenous zones to induce arousal.

The Secret Weapon of Thai Masseurs

Often men, who have lived in Thailand for some time and have romantic relationships with Thai women, find sex with other women boring. The point is that Thai women put the so-called anchor on the man’s body. If during sex you do not activate this anchor, he thinks sex is not so complete and enjoyable. This is the way Thai women use to secretly protect themselves from cheating.

How to put this anchor? You need to choose two non-trivial body parts. One area you are going to pay attention just before sex, the other to caress after coitus. This should be done within seven sexual intercourses in a row, and only then the anchor will be put.

Thai Masseurs erogenous zones Erogenous zones in men: What you need to know to be a perfect lover Thai Masseurs

You need to be very careful when choosing those areas. If you going to stroke your partner’s shoulder at the beginning of each act, then any friendly pat in the office could lead to unnecessary arousal.

But if you choose your secret place correctly, you could send him signals that soon you are going to have fun together. And vice versa, instead of “I have a headache” you could just touch the needed place and romantic intentions of your partner will fade away.