A recent study has shown that it is possible to predict the number of children and also possible to tell about his relationship with other people by the length of the man’s fingers.

The length of the index and the ring finger in men depends on the hormones that affect him in the mother’s womb.

The smaller the ratio of the length of the second to fourth finger (digit ratio), the more testosterone was in the blood of the mother, the more masculine a person would be, the more open in his relationships with others, especially with the opposite gender. This research was published by the authors of Personality and Individual Differences.

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“Being with women, men with a lower ratio are much more inclined to listen attentively, smile and laugh, compromise and make compliments,” reports the study leader Debbie Moskowitz. This behavior was typical for sexual relations with women, and friendships. When dealing with other men, these people were prone to avoid conflicts.

Previously another study showed that men with a lower digit ratio are apt to have a larger number of children. Nowadays, the data obtained allows suggesting that the reason for this is more harmonious relationships with women.

The connection between digit ratio and behavior in women was observed as well, although their index fingers are usually slightly shorter than ring ones.