The dangers that lie in wait for lovers. What makes sex so dangerous and what consequences violent sex could lead to. 

Everyone knows that sex can be dangerous because of the possibility to be infected with sexually transmitted diseases. But unexpected health problems can occur during lovemaking, even with a close partner, whom you are sure 100% about.

Dangerous Sex in the Car

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Sex in car

An elevator, airplane bathroom, a bathtub, a miniature city car – all these unusual places for lovemaking have become popular mostly because of the movie industry promotion. In everyday life, having sex in those places is not as easy as it seems. Choosing one of these places, you risk fainting or even getting a heart attack. The reason is the lack of oxygen during the active work of the heart and lungs.

Honeymoon Cystitis

After the holiday season there is always much work for doctors. This is due to the fact that unusually active daily sex can undermine a protective system of the urinary organs and lead to inflammation – cystitis. Signs can be various: minor inflammation, itching, burning, pain when urinating and even secretions.

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In women, honeymoon cystitis can also cause the vaginal microflora disorders and bacterial vaginosis and inflammation of the vagina – vaginitis.

Dangerous Missionary Position

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Missionary position

The classic position, when lying face to face, is known as a missionary position. It  could be dangerous if a woman decides to put her feet on the shoulders of her partner. Too active movements of the penis can lead to the rupture of the vaginal vault. Petite women need to be careful with the “doggy style” position. When a woman turns on her hands and knees, the length of her vagina decreases and any bad move can cause pain and even a rupture of the internal tissues of the vagina.

Dangerous Oral Sex

Oral sex is not as safe as it seems as well. If a woman caresses a man, she can harm his penis with her teeth, but the man can cause harm to the partner if his sperm gets into her airways after ejaculation. Be careful when performing oral sex with a condom: one bad move and the rubber band can slip off the base of the penis and lead to the woman’s suffocation.

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Better not to Bite

rose dangerous sex Dangerous Sex rose 300x254Cunnilingus is a safe form of oral sex, but if the partner is not tender and delicate enough, the clitoris could be damaged. The greatest risk is bleeding, which may occur because of bites. In this case, you need to call a doctor as soon as possible, but before his arrival, apply ice to the wound.

Dangerous Sex for Men

The rupture of the frenulum is an extremely painful injury that occurs due to too much tension of the foreskin during rough sex. Not to notice the rupture is impossible – severe pain and bleeding make the further sexual intercourse unbearable even for the most active partners. Do not try to fix the problem yourself, it is better to call an ambulance, and before that try to stop the bleeding, pressing with a finger the frenulum from the bottom.

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Penile Fracture

The diagnosis like a “penile fracture” sounds comical, but only as long as does not affect you personally. In fact, it is not a fracture in the usual sense of the word, when a bone is broken, but a rupture of the tunica albuginea and corpus cavernosum of the erect penis. This can happen due to a violently active sex, when the man goes “off target”. A loud crunching sound, intense pain, hematoma that forms on the penis, – all signs of a fracture. Don’t waste time – immediately call an ambulance or go to the surgeon yourself. Time is of the essence!

Dangerous Fantasies

sexual-fantasy dangerous sex Dangerous Sex sexual fantasy 300x169A variety of toys from sex shops that are worn on the penis should be detachable. Otherwise you risk being without a penis. If the base of the penis is tied up with a rubber band, ring, or a rope, there is a possibility that you simply will not be able to remove them when the penis will be erect. This can lead to edema, impaired blood circulation, and in the worst case to gangrene.