Your DNA makes you be unfaithful to your partner: scientists have proven that genes may be responsible for the act of infidelity.

“Our study clearly shows that human genetic material affects the probability that a person might have sex with anyone outside of the main relationship,” says supervisor, Dr. Brandon Zits. Speaking about women, scientists have even managed to identify one of the genes responsible of infidelity – AVPRIA. This gene provides the body with the hormone vasopressin.

In 63% of cases, male infidelity has been associated with genes, in women in 40% of all the cases. 7300 twins at the age of 18-49 years took part in this survey, all of them were in long-term relationships. The study showed that during in the last year almost 10% of men and 6.4% of women were unfaithful to their partners. The participation of identical (identical genetic material) and fraternal (different) twins allowed the scientists to identify the role of heredity in infidelity.

Source: The Telegraph.