Pre-diabetes is a carbohydrate metabolism disorder, and it precedes the development of type II diabetes. It occurs in a latent form, the first symptoms often appear only when the diabetic state develops.

Identifying pre-diabetes is almost impossible because the health state of most people with disorders of carbohydrate metabolism remains quite satisfactory.

Pre-diabetes: Symptoms and Diagnosis

In some cases, patients with pre-diabetes could complain about fatigue, thirst, blurred vision, but these symptoms are not very particular and could be found in any other disease.

So if you suspect that you have pre-diabetes, the doctor will prescribe a blood test on an empty stomach, two hours after a meal, as well as a load test, which assesses the blood sugar level in two hours after taking 75 grams of glucose dissolved in a glass of water.

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The diagnosis is made in cases when:

  • The blood glucose level is slightly high, from 6 to 6.9 mmol/L.
  • If there is a glucose tolerance disorder after the load test, when the level of sugar increases in two hours up to 8.9-12 mmol/L.

Who Is at Risk?

As pre-diabetes can be detected only after laboratory tests, people who are at risk for the development of carbohydrate metabolism disorder, should regularly do check-ups for the level of sugar in the blood.

The list includes:

  • People who have close relatives suffering from diabetes;
  • Women with polycystic ovary syndrome or a previous gestational diabetes;
  • People who are overweight;
  • People with high cholesterol levels in blood;
  • People after the age of 45, particularly when other risk factors are also present;
  • People leading a sedentary lifestyle;
  • Patients with a diagnosed metabolic syndrome. This syndrome is characterized by a triad of symptoms: abdominal obesity, that is, the deposition of fat in the abdomen, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.

pre_diabetes_condition pre-diabetes Pre-diabetes: How To Prevent The Disease pre diabetes condition

Timely diagnosis of pre-diabetes is very important, as it allows you to take action and prevent the development of such a serious disease as diabetes. Also people who suffer from glucose tolerance disorder, have more chances to develop a heart disease – the probability of dying from a heart attack or a stroke is very high. It is extremely crucial to start treatment as early as possible.

Pre – diabetes: What to Do

According to statistics, pre-diabetes develops into diabetes approximately in 50% of patients. The reason for that, as a rule, is the rejection to change the lifestyle and the maintaining of negative eating habits. It is proved that the carbohydrate metabolism disorders may be delayed or even prevented by just keeping a healthy diet.

The main condition of nutrition in pre-diabetes is to control the amount of sugar and fat. The daily meals should consist of vegetables, cereals, food rich in protein and fiber. An important component of a healthy lifestyle is also a physical activity.

When overweight, you must strive for fat reduction because obesity is one of the major risk factors for diabetes. When reducing weight by only 10-15%, it is possible to normalize the level of glucose in the blood.

Pre-diabetes is a dangerous health condition, but it is reversible when the early diagnosis is made and the lifestyle is changed.