A survey, conducted among young British people by Demos research group, showed that social networks replace alcohol almost fully.

42% of young people said that chatting on Facebook and other networks is much more interesting than drinking. While 29% of the respondents reported that they are afraid that their provocative photos (including being drunk) might get on the Internet and it might ruin their reputation. In addition, the respondents mentioned that they do not drink much because alcohol does a lot of damage both to health and wallet.

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Overall, 19% of the respondents at the age of 16-24 years, according to the survey, do not drink at all, 66% of people reported that alcohol does not play a big role in their lives and 30% of the respondents said that their parents drink much more than they.

Experts believe that social networks and the virtual reality in general, really replace alcohol in the social life of young British people.

Source: The Independent