Yoga is not just a fashionable hobby. Of course, you can do yoga just because it is fashionable today, but from the very first lessons it will become clear how useful and interesting yoga practice is. How could it be otherwise when you consider how many people are attracted to it!

The main purpose of yoga is strengthening and rejuvenation of the body. However, you should not think that this is just a set of exercises.

Yoga is an ancient philosophical doctrine, resorted to by those who are seeking the path to harmony and balance. Harmony and health of both your body and soul – this is the result the proponents of yoga are trying to achieve.

The Purpose of Yoga

Daily small and large stress situations, growing psychological stress, the hectic city life and a lot of problems on the daily basis – millions of people are living in such kind of conditions, and not everyone has the opportunity to escape from the hardships of the modern life completely, or to have a quality rest. Meanwhile, this type of a rest is vital – without it the body is threatened to exhaust itself on the physical and psychological levels extremely rapidly.

What-is-yoga yoga 10 Facts About The Benefits Of Yoga What is yoga

That is where yoga comes to help. Yoga is often called the easiest way of relaxation, due to which the body and spirit try to be at peace. The goal of yoga can be formulated like this – to lead to the physical, emotional, social and spiritual harmony through the exercises for your body and spirit.

Yoga is practiced in almost all fitness centers. However, to get the real benefit from it, you need to make yoga a part of your lifestyle and, what is more important, your life philosophy. Only in this case it is possible to obtain:

  • A better physically flexible, healthy body;
  • A balanced nervous system;
  • More clear and functional consciousness;
  • Increased capability;
  • Getting rid of many diseases;
  • The ability to genuinely relax;
  • The ability to handle stress.

All these results are achieved through the optimal combination of the strong muscle tension and the deep relaxation, accompanied by the correct breathing.

During yoga practice you exercise such muscle groups which are usually left behind during traditional physical exercises. Also mental work and mental control over your body are very important when doing yoga.

Easy-Stretches yoga 10 Facts About The Benefits Of Yoga Easy Stretches

10 Facts about the Benefits of Yoga

Regular practice of yoga under the guidance of a professional trainer will lead to the following positive results:

  1. The improvement of the spinal cord (yoga exercises relieve pain, increase flexibility, correct the posture);
  2. The optimization of the internal organs (special yoga exercises affect the internal organs and improve their functional status);
  3. The prevention of cardiac and vascular diseases (yoga strengthens blood vessels, improves their elasticity, normalizes blood pressure; decreases blood viscosity);
  4. The strengthening of the immune system (meditations help to improve the functioning of the immune system);
  5. Getting rid of stress, depression, insomnia (breathing exercises affect the lung function, help to normalize the metabolism, and it results in full relaxation of the body);
  6. Losing weight and strengthening your muscles;
  7. The noticeable improvement in your appearance (the intensive blood circulation has a beneficial effect on the skin tone, condition of your hair and nails, which receive more nutrients);
  8. To clarify the mind, improve coordination, attention and memory;
  9. To increase your energy level;
  10. Achieving long-term positive attitude and peace of mind, the development of a new optimistic outlook on life.

Bikram-Yoga yoga 10 Facts About The Benefits Of Yoga Bikram Yoga

Yoga will not be effective without a special mental attitude, and your coach should help you to develop this new attitude. You also need to grasp the full understanding of the ideology of this doctrine, otherwise a set of exercises designed to literally transform your body and soul will become just a mere complex of gymnastic exercises, that is all.

When you do yoga exercises it is also necessary to remember that some of them can be traumatic and can lead to injuries or sprains. If you carefully listen to the instructions of the coach, this can easily be avoided by gaining all the advantages of this ancient teaching for the body and spirit.