Scientists Have Come Up With An Average Penis Size

British researchers analyzed all available scientific data on the size of the penis in men around the world and created a distribution graph of these values.

The authors of the published article believe that the collected data may help men who have doubts concerning the size of their reproductive organs.

It is worth noticing that quite a lot of men are concerned about the size of their penises. Some of them are so concerned and upset about that that they begin to suffer from a mental disorder called a dysmorphic disorder — an excessive focus on the particularities of the body parts.

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Also, these study data may be useful in production of condoms of an adequate size.

Men of different ages and nationalities took part in this study, the total number of the participants was 15 521.

Experts according to accepted standards carried out the procedure of measurement. The average length of the penis in a calm state was 9.16 cm, when stretching it — 13.24 cm

When erected, the average size equals 13,12 cm. When measuring penis girth, the average value in the erected state was 11.66 cm, relaxed — 9,31 cm.

“We believe that the collected data will help doctors to convince most of men that the size of their penises is within the normal range,” explains David Veale, who conducted this research.