Contact Lenses: Safety Rules


The convenience of contact lenses is undeniable: unlike glasses, they do not put pressure on the nose bridge, you can do sports in your lenses freely; contact lenses even allow fashionistas to change eye color whenever they want. But if you do not take care of your lenses properly you could get such unpleasant diseases as conjunctivitis, the dry eye syndrome and even the fungal infection of the cornea. So what do you need to know about contact lenses?

Do Not Scrimp On Lenses

Do not prescribe contact lenses by yourself. A doctor, just the same way as glasses, should prescribe contact lenses.

Uncompensated glaucoma, strabismus, ectopia lentis, the decreased production of tears and sebaceous material – all this is a contraindication to wearing contact lenses. So do not be lazy and go to the ophthalmologist for a consultation to measure the thickness of the cornea and ask what lenses will suit you best, if you are allowed to wear them at all.

Many people are trying to save some money on a special solution for contact lenses, they try to wash their lenses with plain water. It is a big mistake. Acanthamoeba, the usual inhabitant of pure water, for example, is harmless for the stomach micro flora, but when contacting with the eye it may cause damage to the cornea. Therefore, lenses cannot be cleaned with water, but what is more, you should not even put them on with your wet hands.

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Lenses solution should be changed regularly, depending on the expiration date specified on the package. In any case, the solution is cheaper than the treatment of the eyes after possible complications. Do not leave the bottle or container with a solution for lenses open, as there is a huge number of microorganisms that could harm the eyes.

Contact lenses have their own expiration date as well. After that they should be thrown away without any regrets, because to walk in the opaque lenses is not only uncomfortable, but also very harmful to the eye.

Even if you buy a pair of contact lenses in which you could sleep technically(now there are such lenses), it is better not to do so. Because of the lack of oxygen the capillaries in the eyes will gradually dilate, become visible, and you will have red eyes in the morning.

Put on contact lenses only with your clean hands. It is recommended to buy special tweezers for contact lenses to minimize the risk of getting a disease.

When Wearing Lenses Is Harmful

  • It is not recommended to wear contact lenses during any inflammatory disease, even a simple cold.
  • If you have allergies, causing irritation to the eyes, for example, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, demodicosis, try not to wear your contact lenses to avoid the possible complications.
  • Do not swim with your contact lenses on. Why — the reason has already been mentioned above: to avoid the contamination with protozoa and other various types of fungi.

Contact Lenses Safety Rules contact lenses Contact Lenses: Safety Rules Contact Lenses Safety Rules

  • Do not have your hair cut with your lenses on: a hair trapped under a lens can cause irritation and even conjunctivitis.
  • Do not wear lenses longer than it is specified on the package. If you experience fatigue from wearing the lenses, fog before the eyes, or when there is a foreign body sensation in the eye, immediately remove your lenses and irrigate your eyes properly.

Today there are many types of contact lenses with different wearing periods. But in any case you should take your lenses off at night to let your eyes rest, even if these are the modern lenses with good permeability.

If you suffer from the dry eye syndrome it is necessary to use artificial tears to avoid irritation and redness of the eyes.

These rules apply to cosmetic lenses for changing the color of the iris as well.