Children Are More Moral Than Their Parents

Children Are More Moral Than Their Parents

Scientists have discovered that modern young people are less loose than “Generation X”.

Adolescents and young adults born after the new Millennium proved to be less prone to pre-marital sex and free sex life compared to their parents, who were born in the sixties, the scientists found out. Their study was published in the academic journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

“Our study refutes the stereotype that the current generation of young people is obsessed with promiscuous sex, what sites like Tinder are for. The collected data show that this is not like that, and that Millennials are not more promiscuous in their sexual relations than their predecessors,” says Ryne Sherman from the Atlantic University of Florida (USA).

MotherTellingDaughterHerBehavior "generation x" Children Are More Moral Than Their Parents MotherTellingDaughterHerBehavior

A team of psychologists and statisticians led by Sherman, came to this conclusion after analyzing statistics on the sexual behavior of young Americans. The data were being were collected by the national social surveys (GSS) from 1989 to the present day.

As shown by these data, contrary to the common stereotypes of the parents of these young people, their children are not more loose and free in their sexual habits than they used to be, and in many respects their children are far more modest than the contemporaries of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

For example, approximately 15% of adolescents and young adults aged from 20 to 24 years old stated that they either did not have sexual partners before or after coming of age, or that they entered into the sexual life only after marriage. For comparison, only 6% of “the sixties” supported such celibacy.

According to the scientists, the rising levels of sexual activity among the current generation was typical only for girls, whereas among all other groups – guys or people from different ethnic minorities it either remained at the same level or even decreased.

Children Are More Moral "generation x" Children Are More Moral Than Their Parents Children Are More Moral

As noted by Sherman, among contemporary youth there is a clear trend in the lack of sexual activity who are  in their early twentieth, which is also combined with other signs of late maturation – la ow level of employment and  a lack of the desire to acquire “grown up” attributes such as a driver’s license.

What is the reason for such “conservatism” of adolescents and youth, as well as their reluctance to grow up? The scientists believe that the source of their careful choice of partners for sex can be the fact that 90s and early 2000 were the peak of the HIV and AIDS epidemic, as well as the increased availability of pornography.

Another possible reason is the tendency to developing an independent behavior and a respect for the rights of the individual, which could push many young people to abandon the “mandatory” for their parents ‘ generation of “free sex” in their youth. In addition, it is possible that some forms of sexual relations of teenagers, , is not considered sex, unlike for the representatives of “Generation X”, which may explain the discrepancies in the results, the scientists conclude.