In the medical Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry there was describes a story of a woman living in Australia who damaged leg muscles because of the fashionable garment.

A young patient was admitted to the hospital with weakness and pain in the muscles of the legs. The feeling was so strong that the patient could not walk. The doctors were able to give the girl the ability to move independently only after four days of intensive treatment.

The patient said that she had spent the day sifting through the things in closets, and that is why she had to do a lot of squatting. She was dressed in very tight jeans (skinny).

The girl remembered that during the day she already felt uncomfortable in jeans. In the evening she was walking down the street, but suddenly felt severe numbness in the legs, tripped, fell and spent a few hours on the ground until she was found, because she could not stand on her own.

Skinny Jeans Can Be Dangerous skinny jeans Skinny Jeans Can Be Dangerous Skinny Jeans Can Be Dangerous

In the clinic the doctors had to cut the jeans to remove them because the young woman’s calves were very swollen. The patient could not move her ankles and toes.

The doctors found out that the damage to leg muscles was caused by long squatting in tight jeans. Blood flow to the legs was disrupted in this position, which led to the appearance of serious symptoms.

The doctors do not encourage women to abandon skinny jeans, but they urge to be careful and listen to your feelings and body: if you feel discomfort, tingling or numbness, so stretch the muscles of the legs and remove uncomfortable clothes.