Our skin is the most vivid evidence of how well we treat our body. In the end, we are what we eat, so our diet is reflected on the most extensive organ of our body — the skin.

So, the results of the recent studies show that a Mediterranean diet is likely to contribute to maintaining telomere length, which is responsible for slowing aging down. The study helped to identify the nutrients that can prevent harm caused by environmental factors. These nutrients retain moisture in the body and make the skin glow.

A healthy balanced diet based on whole foods, plays a key role in risk reduction of various diseases and slowing down of the aging process. If you pollute your body with harmful substandard food, you will look and feel accordingly!

Your-Skin-Needs-Care skin Save Face (10 foods that would slow down the aging of your skin) Your Skin Needs Care

Of course, hereditary factors are important, as well as the sun and the quality of skin care and a consumable amount of liquid, but if you can look and feel better, without wrinkles, with a smooth, fabulously attractive skin, eating just the right foods, it’s worth a try!

These products neutralize inflammation and protect against negative outside impacts of free radicals, making your skin beautiful and healthy:


Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and cranberries contain large amounts of antioxidants — flavonol, anthocyanin and vitamin C, which help slow the aging of cells. Dark, black and blue berries have the maximum anti-aging qualities because they have the highest concentration of antioxidants.

Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens, especially spinach and kale contain lutein and zeaxanthin antioxidants which help to protect the body from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation. Every time the skin is exposed to sunlight, it suffers, and the cumulative effect of repeated damage causes the DNA damage of the epidermis, persistent inflammation, oxidative stress and suppression of the T-cell immunity. All this increases the risk of skin cancer and accelerates the aging process. What is more, a study showed that women who consume more green and yellow vegetables, have fewer wrinkles.

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Cucumbers are rich in silica, which helps form collagen that prevents the appearance of wrinkles.


It is a powerful source of vitamin Cwhich supports collagen production and improves skin condition.


Tomatoes contain a high level of lycopene (as, incidentally, a watermelon!), which acts as the “internal” sunscreen and protects the skin from UV radiation, prevents the appearance of age spots and aging. Tomatoes also contain vitamin C and potassium, which regulates the moisture and nutrients level in the skin cells.


Avocado’s fat acids help to maintain a healthy lipid balance of the skin, moreover, vitamin E and biotin provide skin, hair and nails with their nutritional support.


A pomegranate fruit contains ellagic acid and punicalagin, which slow down skin aging, inhibit free radicals and save collagen in the skin.

Wild Fish

Wild (especially oily) fish, sardines, herring, mackerel and salmon in particular, contain omega-3 fat acids, which help to moisturize the skin, hair and nails and maintain the elasticity of the skin, strengthening the cellular membranes.

Foods-for-skin skin Save Face (10 foods that would slow down the aging of your skin) Foods for skin


Walnuts are particularly rich in polyunsaturated fat acids and vitamin E that effectively work against aging and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Dark Chocolate

Cocoa beans contain flavanol antioxidant which helps to reduce inflammation of the skin caused by the ultraviolet light. Good quality dark chocolate helps to improve blood circulation and increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture, thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles.