Moderate exposure to the sun may slow the development of obesity and diabetes, scientists say.

Stay Slim sunlight Sunlight Helps to Stay Slim Stay SlimThe data on the influence of the sun on the human body weight were obtained in experiments on mice. When the mice were exposed to the moderate amount of ultraviolet light (UV) it slowed their weight gain. Less pronounced was the threat of metabolic changes like increased glucose levels, and insensitivity to insulin – the symptoms of diabetes.

The experts believe that a possible reason for the observed dependence is the substance nitric oxide, which is produced after sun exposure (UV irradiation). This assumption is confirmed by the fact that the application of the cream with nitrous oxide on the skin is able to achieve the same results as after irradiation. Vitamin D, the allocation of which is also directly related to sunlight, did not play a great role in those changes.

“We know that sun worshippers live longer than those who dwell only in the shadows. Studies similar to ours can help us to understand that the sun can be useful. You need to remember that skin cancer is not the only consequence of sun exposure, we need to revise the recommendations on being exposed to the sun,” commented Dr. Richard Weller on the work.

However, the researchers recommend a critical attitude to the received data, because mice are nocturnal animals, covered with hair – not usually located in the sun. Further confirmation of the results requires people’s participation.

Source: the University of Edinburgh.