About The Redemptive Power Of Thermal Water


How To Use Thermal Water Properly

“In the summer when it’s hot, only thermal water saved me. Sometimes, the face melts from the sun, so I sprinkle it with thermal water — and everything is all right! It moisturizes, refreshes and washes. It’s a miracle!”

Many women use thermal water to hydrate the face, and they use it everywhere: on the airplane, at the beach, in traffic. But not everyone knows that if the thermal water is sprayed on the face and left to dry, instead of moisturizing your skin, it will be dehydrated. Despite the fact that thermal water includes salts that make it hygroscopic, it still evaporates. It is a law of physics. And when this water evaporates from the surface of the skin other moisture will evaporate as well. Then there is the enhanced transepidermal loss of moisture.

Thermal Water for face thermal water About The Redemptive Power Of Thermal Water Thermal Water for face

If you spray the face with thermal water, sitting on the beach, the consequences could be even worse. Because every drop works like a magnifying glass which draws the sun rays and enhances the penetration of ultraviolet radiation into the skin.

The correct usage pattern of thermal water is to apply it on clean skin, slightly massage until it is absorbed and put the cream on top. Then it will have additional moisturizing effects.

Second option: apply the water after the cream, massage it into the skin slightly and then apply makeup. Then your make-up will last longer.

And if you use thermal water to refresh your face, blot your face with a napkin. And generally, whatever water you wash your face, be sure to wipe it dry. Otherwise, the increased transepidermal loss of moisture is provided.

An exert from the book “Beauty Myths: The Truth About Botox, Stem Cells, Organic Cosmetics and Much More”.